EDGE Juice w/ Attitude programmer 08-10 Ford Powerstroke


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One of the guys here has a programmer for an 08-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. It is a stand alone computer that stays hooked up under the hood and has a dash pod that looks like a factory option when installed. Pretty slick. I have been in the truck with it on and it sure does run good. (Good fuel mileage too!) In the "extreme" setting the tires will roll off the truck.

From what I am told it is a "clean tune" which means it doesn't require removing the DPF or any other upgrades. Also, it is un-detectable by the Ford dealership, so just remove it before warranty work and they will never know you had it. He says it goes on/off in about 30 minutes.

*Dont have paperwork, but installation instructions can be found online.

Asking $350 OBO...was $700 new without the dash pod.