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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ksufan, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. ksufan

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    Would like to get your opinion between two different edge restraints. I have availability to purchase Pave Edge or Snap Edge from local suppliers. The project will be a 16x25 paver patio and a walkway lining the side of a driveway. No vehicle traffic on the walkway except riding lawn mower use while mowing. Is there any consensus on what product is better or is it a matter of preference. From what I have gathered Pave Edge might be slightly better with vehicle traffic (driveways). Also, would Snap Edge be a better choice if needing to back fill with landscape rock given the L shape design. I am a bit worried how rock would set on the angled design of Pave Edge. Looking for opinions from the experts as I am just getting started with hardscaping. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mid-Ohio Scaper

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    I use snap edge on everything that has no vehicular traffic. Works great for me, no complaints.
    When you add heavy traffic you absolutely need to beef your edging up to good stout edging like pave edge.
  3. BOEpavers

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    We have used both. If we are doing anything with long straight sides, we prefer PaveEdge rigid, however we do very little straight work. We've used SnapEdge along driveways with no issues after five years. In my opinion, PaveEdge flexible is no more or less strong than SnapEdge with the webs cut. I do think PaveEdge rigid is more rigid than SnapEdge with the bands intact. Just our opinion. Those are the only two we use, and SnapEdge is all that is kept in the trailer only because one edge restraint can be both rigid and flex.

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