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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by toddb, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Curious if anybody has had a chance to try this yet this season where turf is actively growing? I have the sample bottle and will definitely be experimenting in hopes of putting it into action with our mowing customers...

    Wondering obviously on effectiveness and also if customers have noted and commented on trimmed areas "not growing"?
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    used the bottle last season on a cast iron fence row. The client did not want string trimming done on or near the fence. The product was used as directed with adjuvant. The product did not perform for no more than 3 weeks for me. The perimeter of the back lawn is bermuda, fescue, and other weedy matter.
    The turf was not really manicured, watered or sprayed with other herbicides. It seems that the product ceases to perform if the mower cuts too close to the treated area. The grass resumed growth immediately.
    I ended up using glyphosate this year and said to heck with it.
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    I presume just as any other PGR, it stays withing the elongated stem tissue and once something damages or removes that tissue, the product is removed and new growth starts again. Just like cutting a shrub applying a pgr and later on removing the foliage.....new growth starts again. nothing permanent just a short lived theory.

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