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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by stslawncare, Nov 11, 2002.

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    hey got a 3 hp white edge with a briggs engine. it is older about 20 years old, however very very little use (less then 30 hours). has great spark, we cleaned the carburator and engine, we later found out that it had a tiny bit of old old gas, we filled the tank with fresh gas and mixed it, when cleaner was sprayed into the engine it would run, but once we switched it to the gas tank it wouldnt run. any ideas???? thanks for your help
  2. khouse

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    remove tank and carb, clean tank,clean and blow out carb,install carb kit,fresh gas,set needle 1.5 turns out,start engine
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    just do what khouse said , you probably clogged up some orifices, if you want get the engine numbers and i'll look up the number for a carb kit:)
  4. Robert Doubrava

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    The engine model # series is in the 60100-80000 range, I believe. Just git the model, and type, as the code just tells you when and where the engine was made. There's lots of kits here:


    It tells you the part #, just look through them to find it.:blob3:

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