Edger Question???


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I just purchased a Shindaiwa LE260 edger. It has the curved shaft. I could have got the Red Max with the straight shaft for the same price. I haven't used it yet but am starting to wonder if I made the right choice. The dealer told me that allot of people didn't like the straight shaft, and it doesn't look like it wouldn't be as comfortable to use as the curved and I'm a solo operator. I could probably take it back and get the Red Max, what do you guys think??


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I have never used a curved shaft so I can't compare as far as comfort. But the curved shaft edgers use a drive cable instead of a solid shaft


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I would take it back. I sell the both Shindaiwa and the Redmax. I like the redmax. It comes with a strato charge engine and the gear box and solid steel shaft will hold up longer than the Shindaiwa.
Make sure it is the HEZ2500S.


The are a lot of golf courses that use the Redmax to edge sand traps because the flex cables and gear boxes on other brand do not last long.


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i have a stright shaft on my fc85
it took me my yard which isn't that big to get use to it

is it the same dealer thats selling the shin. and the redmax because he probably say anything to sell a product


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Regardless of brand IMO I prefer the straight. For one when you go buy a tight area particularly the driveway with mrs. smith parked right on the darn curb you aren't hanging over on the paved side. For two. More strength in the drive shaft. No braided cable to torque and no linkage to break where the cable is attached to the solid shaft.
For 3 the Stihl FC85 has a huge rubber flap that blocks the darn debris from comming and hitting you in the shin and I belive the redmax has one also.
Curved sucks regardless what it is.


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I would return the curved shaft and get a straight shaft. The cable in the curved shaft acts like a spring. When you get into high grass or other loaded situations, it goes into torsional oscillation. It is very annoying and does affect quality of cut.


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Can one of you Stihl guys tell me what the difference is in the KM 85 kombi system vs getting one of the FS series that has interchangeable head tools. I suspect the shaft is different but dont know. Im interested in a multi tool. I have a good redmax trimmer already and their muti tool is a little high in price. I want one for a hedger and edger. I hear the argument about solid shaft equipment but when I look in the new Stihl catalog it looks like the FS series is a cable as well. Can someone please educate me!

Thanks, Willie