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  1. mikeymike

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    Looking for a good edger. Home Depot has the ECHO PE200 for 199.00. Anyone got any time with one? If so, how is it working out?
  2. joshua

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    We have a jd edger, what a boost for sales it has done for us this year. Almost half the customers are on a bi-weekly edge schedule and more are in the process of signing up. Its a good add on for your business.
  3. mtdman

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    Hey! You stole my thunder! I too am looking for a new edger.

    I have a 3.5 horse Kee edger right now, and the thing is junk. It shakes like crazy and is always breaking or something falling off it. I only use it for heavy jobs, and have a Shindawa stick edger for lighter stuff. Unfortunately, Kee is the only brand my usual supplier sells, and I don't want another one. Anyone got any suggestions? I hear McCullough (?) makes a good edger.

  4. Lawn Specialties

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    I think you will find the 200 a little under powered. I used to have a 2100 and it was a dog. I now use a 2400 and love it. Be careful when tempted by price. When your'e dying to replace it after half a season the price won't seem as attractive.
  5. Rustic Goat

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    We talking stick edger here?
    John Deere has been unfailing for months now, surprised me how much overgrowth it will actually handle.

    If edging hasn't been done in quite a while, real heavy duty grass and dirt, I'd still recommend a w/b type edger.
    For even semi-maintained property, the JD edger is great. Walk as fast as you want, hold it mostly with one hand, and just go. Finished 'edge' looks like it's been done with a w/b.
    Don't have to deal with JD green either, they're yellow. Of course it's still priced like it's solid green, but comparable to other brands of equal quality, engine size, etc.

    Unless Echo has made some real progress in the past few years, I wouldn't buy any Echo product, been very disappointed with their reliability, and once they have a little age, VERY hard starting.
  6. Jimmy348

    Jimmy348 LawnSite Member
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    Loved em, used em and purchased the 260 trimmer and edger.
    Couldn't get either of em to start on a consistent basis and this was fresh out of the box. However, in their defense the pb650 starts everytime with one pull and blows air like you wouldn't believe.
  7. FrankinJunkMachines

    FrankinJunkMachines Banned
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    I have the echo PAS 2400 with a edger attachment. I really like it but, I don't like the fact that I can't use a blade edger on a blacktop driveway. But other then that I really like it. It's a great machine. :)
  8. WildSide

    WildSide LawnSite Member
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    Does Tanaka still make edgers?
    I used to work with one yrs ago, great machine! 2 stroke and walkbehind too.
  9. vipermanz

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  10. Piedmont Lawn

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    I run a Stihl FC-85 and so far it has performed well. It has enough power to take on over grown edges but for putting in a new edge I would use a WB if available. My experience it can be a little stubborn to start if your not holding your mouth right……..:blob3:


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