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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mjstef, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. mjstef

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    Had an HOA contact me last week wanting a price on edging 1.5 miles of sidewalk. I looked at it and it's not horrible. Worst area is about 3" overgrown. Subdivision is 8 years old. I have never had a request for this much edging and i'm trying to come up with a rate to give them. All "debris" will be left on site on a low lot that they are filling. Anyone done an edge job this big?
  2. trock

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    Do you have a walker Mower? If so you can install the edging blade attachment and make it very easy.
  3. mjstef

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    I run Grasshopper. Ground is pretty hard here in the west with rocks ect...........
  4. ed2hess

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    A little math......how fast can you edge divided in 8000ft?
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    I do a road that has 1/2 mile with curb & sidewalk on both sides. Use a walk behind edger for sidewalks and string trimmer for curbs. Clean up with a rotary broom. It removes the grass the edgers never seem to get. With the mowing (about 20' each side of road) it takes about 5 hours total.
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    The longest I've done is ~1/2 mile. I figured mine by the hour plus $15 to cover blades. It's surprising how fast blades wear out, over such distances.

    I have a Gravely WB (986102) with Subaru power. It's not the most robust machine, but, it works great for a solo operator. The adjustable curb wheel is a nice addition.
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    That is a hell of allot of steps to edge. Why not use the trimmer and blower?
  10. RSK Property Maintenance

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    tell them 1500 to do it...should cover any expenses and you should make some money on that deal, but realistically i don't know your market, but i'd bet most places you won't get that much to edge 1.5 miles you could do it for 500 dollars but after you pay a guy to help you so you can get it done in a reasonable time, the deduct all the expenses, don't forget 25-30% for income taxes and your profit is very very small now....

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