Edging a softball field??

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by totallawncare08, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. totallawncare08

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    I am asking anyone who knows how to cut the hump off a softball field where the outfield meets the infield? I am asking anyone if they know how that works or has done something with a softball diamond?
  2. RD 12

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    Does the grass need to be edged back? Just remove the grass and level. If its not to bad you can rake and hose it out, it may leave a thin spot in the grass. Build up from a long time, cut the sod out level the ground and replace the sod.
  3. nobagger

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    I remember an article in Turf Magazine and they used a McClane edger along the seem between the infield dirt and the outfield grass then raked the dirt up to the grass. There should only be about a half inch or less of height difference between the two.
  4. TM Lawn

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    Use a sod cutter to cut the grass lip. Go slow and don't go deep, get just enough soil to keep roots moist. Flip the grass over and rake the soil/infield mix that is causing the hump level. Flip cut sod back over, tamp down and keep it moist until it roots back in. Good luck!
  5. jmoore16135

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    A real quick and easy way to remove that transition lip, if there is no irrigation. Get a walk behind tiller, mark out your arc, about 18"-24" past your existing arc. Use the tiller to till up the "hump", remove the chunks of grass and move the remaining dirt back onto the field.
    If your field does have irrigation on the arc, sod cut the arc, move the sod to the side, till the hump out, level our the area and place the sod back in.
  6. Bliss

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    Depending on how large the lip is, you could cut it out and relay sod at the proper level. Or simply trim back to make the edge more pronounced. Stay away from that edge with the drag to keep it flush with the infield.
  7. beaglegun

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    Cutting the sod with a sod cutter, removing soil and replacing the sod is the best and most effective way to remove humps. A push broom after each day of practice or play and proper dragging technique will keep the problem from developing in the first place. Use a hose and spray the edge with med high pressure once a week.
  8. turfcobob

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    We took a 12 inch sod cutter set to 1.5 inches deep and cut out about 4 inches into the grass. Removed the 4 inch strip of sod with dirt in place raked the clay smooth and it was great. As long as you do not do it every year the infield will grow back the 4 inches. Tip..Every few days before you get rain go around the infield lip with a blower and blow the clay back into the infield. Keeps it from building up.
  9. packey

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    let me ask this how large of a hump is it. I have noticed a lot of fields will get a large buid up from guys who do not know what they are doing dragging the infield. over a couple of years you get a large hump that forms. if that is what you are talking about the cut the sod offand remove the dirt to level out the field. if all you are talking about is the grass to turf transition use a walk behind edger and cut your edge.take you land scape rake and rake the turface back to the edge of the grass so their is almost no lip.maintain with a stick edger and rake
  10. New Bern Bear

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    We have the same problem ... This is what we do

    1- Rent a sod cutter and remove grass from the ridge area
    2- Flop sod back
    3- Remove needed soil to level area once sod is flopped back
    4- Remove soil from the area (don't add back into field)
    5- Flop sod back over work area
    6- water
    7- Use a roller to Roll sod in place and to make good ground contact.
    8 - Water , water ,water

    Hope this helps you out ...

    Its pretty quick once you do it once

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