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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LoneStarLawn, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. LoneStarLawn

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    My edges have been off lately as I have been getting tired on the job (physically tired). I edge with my trimmer and have a walk-behind edger when needed. The thing is I only like using the walk-behind about twice a year on a lawn (takes time). So my question is will a stick-edger help my edging even when I'm tired or will it just be a hassle and may cause more problems?

    I really get angry at myself when the edging is off...:angry:
  2. evergreenlawn

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    I use a smaller trimmer Echo SRM 2400 for edging. It's lightweight compared to the heavy duty ones and it does just as good of a job. I hate the stick edger's. I use the walk-behind to get a good edge and then try to maintain it with the trimmer.
  3. Lawn DOG

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    We use the walk behind edger if taking over a new job and it has not been done before. It is very easy and fast to use a stick edger if you keep it done regularly. We have the stihl and echo stick edgers. Personally I prefer the echo. You can do it with your string trimmer but you can tell the difference. We go threw alot of edger blades but they are cheap when you buy fifty in a box.
  4. Freetime

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    Your weedeater/trimmer is a two task piece of equipment you can edge with it and then flip to trim around trees and bed edging then back to trim that sidewalk or drive no back tracking.

    Dedicated stick/walk edger is only one job machine, edging and that is it, meaning some times (most of the time) you will have to go to an area twice with two different pieces of equipment eating up time and money. As far making you tired, I would rather go to an area once with a piece of equipment that can do two jobs instead of one.

    How it looks= Some people want the steel blade edging, a lot can not tell the difference as far residential it is just what the customer prefers steel/line trimming or what looks good to you.

    Hope this helped?
  5. trimmer

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    I have sthil stick edger and works nice. I like to use it to edge larger properties. I also use my trimmer to edge, it gives a more defining edge. I would reccomend going ahead and getting the stick edger that way you just have it as an option.
  6. script

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    Alan I've been using a stick edger for a few years now and toward the end of that long hot day when I'm tired and fatigued, I can still put down that perfect straight edge just as fast as the first yard of the day. It's much lighter than a walk behind and easier to transport.
  7. 65hoss

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    I agree with Trimmer. We have the new Stihl and it is a Hoss(pun intended). The trimmer will give more defined edges. The stick edger makes larger areas quicker. It cuts as fast as you can walk forward. I haven't used a w/b edger in years. Mine sits in the shop.
  8. GreenQuest Lawn

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    get the stick edger. I have a shindiawa, it just rolls on the wheel (no holding you just follow it) IMO edging is easier than trimming (less work)
  9. CSRA Landscaping

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    Stihl just came out with the coolest thing. It's a straightshaft, solid driveshaft stick edger. You CAN'T bog that thing down. I would recommend going that route. Go to the dealer and ask to demo one. My favorite was when I stuck it to the telephone pole outside ...
  10. Runner

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    It's funny that this thread came up tonight, because I was going to dig one up on stick edgers and post on it. I have the Stihl FC85, and I about wore myself out today using it! This was an initial edge, and the ground was really too wet for optimum results, but for the high areas, I had a HECK of a time holding the blade down into the curb. I had only wished at that point that I had brought one of my wheeled edgers. SO much easier! I realize the stick is a handy little item to have, and that it's fast keeping up existing edges and all, but for doing initial edgings like this, the power unit itself had enough power, when run at higher rpms, but MAN!, holding that thing DOWN so it would CUT was te worst. I moved my loop handle down a bit for more leverage, but the wheeled edger would have just been so much faster and less fatiguing.

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