Edging and a pick-axe

Canadian GreenScape

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Thanks to the person who mentioned using the wide end of a pick-axe to shear the scrap off the perimeter of a newly edged bed. (using a stick edger) It works very nicely. I just purchased the edger and after one day of fighting with the sods I was fed up. The narrow end work perfect for cleaning out the scrap from walkway edges too. Lawn site is the best!

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wish I would have known that two days ago. Had a blast doing some new edging...NOT.

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I bought the split shaft Stihl edger and had never edged before today. I thought it was VERY easy, Plenty of power, and none of the drives had EVER been edged before. I didnt mind my stick edger.

Canadian GreenScape

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Just wanted to clarify that I did use my Echo edger to make the cut along the bed perimeter then used the pick-axe to shear off the scrap sod. Pulling or swinging it paralell with the cut. Does anyone use a different method? Pick-axe is a bit heavy..


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Omaha, NE
I have always used a flat spade. Shear off the sod inside the edge and then use the stick edger to clean up the edge. Time consuming, but not as hard on the arms as swinging the pick axe.


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I want a bed edger but after checking the prices i quess i will continue to rent one or keep the shovel handy