Edging concrete, really?!?!

Delmarva Keith

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I’ve also seen that from time to time. Seems to happen when a crew is poorly supervised, leaves enough dirt exposed to allow weed growth, and then believes the right technique to deal with those weeds is with a trimmer. Just gets wider and wider from week to week chasing the weeds that get worse and worse.


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I see this or similar a lot, hack city if you ask me. I'm thinking they do this because it's easier than maintaining a nice tight edge.

I've seen it create a trench that water flows along and gets really deep. Another reason not to do is it creates a tripping hazard, I've actually almost turned an ankle along these "edges". If I were an older person it could have been a bad deal. Also anytime you make bare ground you open it up to weed germination.

In my opinion a poor practice

Mark Oomkes

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That's what happens when someone edges with a string trimmer for a couple of years. That looks like major fail to me.
Yes if they're hacks or its "just" commercial work

Also might be overdoing it so dont have to do every week or as often