Edging: Edger Machine Vs. Handheld Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SSO 289, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. SSO 289

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    I'm bidding a property that consists of 35 town-homes, all with shared driveways and sidewalks in between. The contract requires weekly mowing and edging around the sidewalks and driveways.

    From my experience, it's just as easy and quick to turn my trimmer sideways and edge with it. However, I have never had to edge this large of an area. I have never used an edger machine so I have no idea how fast and efficient they are. Can anyone tell me if an edging machine would be a worthwhile purchase or am I better off to let my trimmer do the work?
  2. mississippiturf

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    Opinions will differ on this subject as they have numerous times recently. It kind of boils down to personal preference. IMO, my walk behind edger or stick edger works better for larger properties. Keep in mind, if you use the trimmer, there is an increased chance of debris doing damage to a car window.
  3. robbo521

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    walk behind edger to me looks better.i used my trimmer before and mess up when i do.
  4. Trenchblade

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    What kind of turf do you have there?
    If you have Bermuda you defiantly don't want to use a string trimmer to edge with. You will be setting yourself up for a lot of encroachment into beds from the backside edge. One of the reasons that you don't want to edge with a string trimmer is because it will not cut the slightly underground runners that are trying to creep into your beds. The string trimmer will just beat an uneven and sometimes sloppy line onto the ground. You can trim the edge with a string trimmer and accomplish half the job, which is trimming the turfs new growth at the edge, but not the parts that are underground growing into your beds. I have seen this many times before when We have taken over a property that was being maintained with substandard landscape practices, where Bermuda was edged with a string trimmer next to a bed of junipers and the junipers were encroached with Bermuda for the first three or four feet from the back side edge. The other problem with edging with a string trimmer is that it is not made to be edged with. Turning it upside down and holding it sideways next to your head and slinging debris everywhere (the guard does not cover that angle of debris deflection) in a liability and a safety hazard. As far as how it looks, you have to be a pro at using a piece of equipment the wrong way to get it to look half way descent. and then it still is not as straight or tight as using an edger. When I am doing property inspections, I can always tell when one of my guys has used a string trimmer instead of a stick edger. In my opinion it is not safe and looks like crap. I know a lot of people disagree with that and think they are saving time by using a string trimmer to edge with, but I don't think it is a good practice and I don't know any other professional landscapers who think it is.
  5. bjack312

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    In my opinion, the stick edger is the way to go. I can edge as fast as I can walk with the stick edger, and it leaves a professional looking cut.

    The string trimmer just can't leave the cut quality of a dedicated edger.
  6. hwew

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    I agree a 100%.

    Use the proper tool for the job. It is much safer, faster and looks better.

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