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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rapid_darby, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Is there a general formula you can use to estimate for edging (real edging with a stick edger)? I have a property (20 buildings on 11 acres with many curbs, sidewalks, etc..) The property hasn't been properly maintained for a long time. The edging is going to be a real ruff job the first time... Any ideas how to bid this? The NEW OWNER wants a per mowing, per edging, per leaf cleanup breakdown and itemized. He is wanting to get very basic service on a per job basis...I know all the thoughts you are all having right now about the job, but lets just stick to my question ;) :) - Edging estimate. Per linear foot? per hour? 1st time newly edging price? thereafter price etc...
    Thanks for anyones help.
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    Initially I'd estimate the hours needed x times your rates. You should know ( or should ) how long it will take you for each activity. The first time will be longer as you said. Crunch the numbers and if you don't get what you feel you need, crunch them again. You missed something. Give him the per mow/edge what ever figure based on your times. Higher for the first, then a weekly/mow cost thereafter. I'd be looking at a contract on this one if you don't use them normally.

    There is no magic formula for our work because the propertys are as differant as we are. You base everything on you and your ability.
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    We charge 12 cents per linear foot unless it's difficult. $30.00 minimum.

    Big jobs?

    Hope this helps.

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