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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eruuska, May 4, 2005.

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    Got a call yesterday to do a one-time edging job, that will likely turn into a full-service maintenance contract. Went today to look at it. Here's what it is:

    Total of 880 linear feet of edging, of which about 120 feet is sidewalk where the grass is growing over the walk by about 3 inches. About 160 feet is blacktop driveway. The rest is reasonably well-edged brick walkways and beds.

    I know my hourly $$ requirements, but I'm befuddled by the overgrown sidewalk and the blacktop driveway. I'll be using a stick edger.

    Two-part question:

    Are there any tricks to minimizing the labor involved?
    How much time do you think I'm looking at for the walk and driveway?

    A little help, huh? :waving:
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    If the walk and driveway are heavily overgrown, you'll have a tough job trying to do the initial edge with a stick edger. You would probably be better off to rent or borrow a wheeled edger to do the first cut.

    After that the stick edger will maintain the edge easily.

    Your going to have a lot of clean-up work after cutting that much overgrowth so allow plenty of time for that.

    I would say that 2-3 hours will be needed to do the entire job including clean-up.

    Don't forget to factor in landfill charges when you estimate the price. Your going to have a lot debris after clean-up.

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