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edging installation help


LawnSite Member
Elizabeth, PA
I'm getting ready to start a job where i will be putting in some of the black plastic edging
( and i tried to talk her out of that stuff but she wouldn't listen), along with weed block and some rocks. i was think of maybe renting a bed edger or lawn edger but i have never used either and i just wanted to get some opinions of what would be the best idea. the area i have to do is about 200 ft.

green horizons

LawnSite Member
zone 5
If you're installing the black plastic edging, you can skip the bed edger. A straight-edged shovel will work. However, a bed edger will be quicker and the edge crisper. Either way, the plastic edging will look poor within a season or two. Just the nature of the product.


LawnSite Member
rent one, you won't be disatisfied and you will want to rent one every time you do an edge or maybe buy one.