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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by moreira85, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. moreira85

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    at the end of the driveway there are two big rocks one on each side.
    there was mulch (the mulch was from trees that the developer shredded so there was a lot) around the rocks previously and i dug up the mulch and filled in with dirt around the rocks. However there is still some mulch beneath the dirt that i put down.
    my plan is to plant grass around the rocks in the spring then edge a perfect circle and fill it in with dark mulch and plant flowers around the rocks.
    my question is: will the flowers be able to grow appropriately since there is some mulch beneath the dirt? while we are at it how can i edge a perfect circle? keep in mind i have an edger on my string trimmer and not a big machine.
  2. lwelve

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    Some mulch in your planting bed won`t matter, it may dry out faster in the summer and require more watering.
    For a perfect circle, especially around trees etc, tie a piece of string to a stake or tree, make length half as big as you want your circle diameter to be (radius of circle), hold the string firmly between your fingers and a can of marker paint in your hand, walk the circle and spray at the same time, gets a fairly even circle.
  3. moreira85

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    thanks for the reply, however its not a tree i will making the bed around its a fairly big boulder so holding a stake to it wont work!
  4. terraman21

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    try duct taping the string on or use a cinder block to tie it to. and the mulch will actually help with draniage and some good organic material under the soil. also do you live in an area where it snows cause if it does remember use something hardy that can survie the snowpiles and be salt torerant aswell let me know if you have any questions about some plants you can use tht are salt torerant
  5. ruffs

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    as long as the wood chips dont create an air pocket below the plants you will be fine. if its like 6'' of wood chips you might have to take some more out. but if its mixed with the soil its fine

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