Edging only prices


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I have several clients this year that are looking for trimming and edging only.

My standard price for a yard their size with mow,trim, edge would normally run in the range of $25.00.

To just trim and edge I was thinking around $15.00, does that sound out of line?

I figure I still have to drive out there and anything less than $15.00 is probably not worth my time.


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I charge a minimum of $25 just for edging. Edging is not included with their price here


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Southwest, Ohio
Figure out what what your time is worth.. But make sure they don't want you to do it just when they call you. I have had people ask for the same type of service, but then only want it done every 2 or 3 weeks...Chuck


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When I was getting started I made the mistake of taking on a lawn for a couple that just wanted me to mow but not edge or trim. BIG MISTAKE. They never did it so it made me look like crap with the edge all over grown and not trimmed right. Every job if I mow, I trim and edge and vice versa. The neighbors see my truck there and I want there lawn to look bad next to mine not the other way around, so they come to me and say hey do mine.


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I have a couple of customers that mow their own yard but have asked me to trim and edge. I charge one $15 and the other $20. It takes me less than 15 minutes to do either of these (with one of us edging and one trimming) but $15 is my minimum charge.

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