Edging Price - by the foot? hour?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onelegjohn, Jun 21, 2002.

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    I am a lawn mower guy. I don't do much landscaping. However, more and more people want edging. I was walking in Lowe's the other day and I saw a Gas Edger for $200......my wheels started turning and I have been thinking about this. I am a college student and this is what I do in the summers - so I don't really have that much money. I know of at least 3 people I mow for that would like edging and that would probably pay for the edger.....BUT......

    How would I charge for edging? What is the best edger for sidewalks, driveways, and small flower beds. I thought about getting one of those wheel measurers like the cops use to measure skid marks and charge like $0.10 a foot or something. Anything would be helpful.

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    If you quote a price for mowing here, it is assumed that you mow,edge all concrete drives and walks, weedeat everything that the mower did not cut and blow all grass off street, drives, walks and patios. That is all just part of the job.:blob1:
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    I was not aware of that....well maybe I am just structured differently. I charge $20 for the average lawn with a walk behind mower...I never really wanted to get into mowing that bad but it seems I acn make more money for books and such working for myself that some one else. Maybe I need to raise my prices and include edging and blowing as well.

  4. I think most include it in mow price- just raise your mow price once you add it. The better job done will bring you more customers.

    -if edging is overgrown on a new customers, I charge additional for the first service to clean it up. I quote a $$ amount based on how long I think it will take. After that it is incuded with service.

    Your lawns are $20-is that about $40Hr? I'd use that same rate to figure edging price.

    Depending on how much you do, dont expect that edger ($200) to last much more than a season so make sure you get paid for using it.
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    So - are there better edger - commercial grade edgers - than just the MTD and Mcclane models? Is there any Honda powered gas edgere? Feel free to list what edgers you use and rate it's reliability and performance....

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    for edging mulch beds, i use a steel tube handled shovel that costs around 60 bucks. for walks and drives i use a shindaiwa t-270 trimmer.
    edging mulch beds takes longer than you might thing. at .10 a foot it would be more profitable to just walk aroung looking for dimes in the street.
    practice at home or something to get an idea of the time it takes and then estimate the job by the hour and include removal of any sod or dirt. i only tell the customer the price though, that way if i beat my time estimate i still charge the same price. also add try to remulch the beds for extra money and a better looking job.
  8. A Kee edger with a 3.5 Briggs should run around 325
    with Honda 4.0 closer to 600

    Check with your dealer about Kee or ask their reccomendation. Also, your dealer will have parts, Lowes doesnt carry parts. (besides maybe plugs and blades)

    Also, for the hours a solo operator will put on it, the Briggs should be fine, if you have the extra 125 you'll be better off.
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    Are the Kee brands built better - more for commercial use? I appreciate the help - I think I will edge my sister's flower beds for her and see how long it takes. I figured at $0.10 a foot given a normal city lot - the front sidewalk is at least 100 ft. So that is 20 bucks there not including the driveway or walk ways. Maybe $0.15 a foot... I don't want to scare customers away a sit here with my edger. Thanks, Nate.
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    :blob1: Dude, I have a STIHL FC85 edger and it's awesome, don't waste your time and money on that homeowner garbage they sell in stores, spend a little extra but have it last a lifetime, well almost but you know what I mean !!!


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