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I just bought a stick edger attachment. My question is: Is there aright or wrong way to edge? I mean should the wheel be on the concrete when you edge or does it really matter? Or should you keep the blade facing the concrete edge? I hope this makes sense.Thanks for any help.


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We take the wheel off of our stick edgers. We can go faster and do just as good a job. If you do decide to keep the wheel on it needs to be on the concrete


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DO NOT use your edger by pulling it backwards as this will wear out the gears inside.

Always walk in a forward direction with the wheel on the hard surface/curbing.

I would not advise removing the wheel as this should put extra uneeded wear on the unit.

Just my .02


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You will find that an edger will ditch if you
don t set it properly.It doesn t look asgood as a
clean grooved line.My preference


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I do find, also, that if you keep the edger somewhat angled ever so slightly so that the front of the blade cuts inward toward the curb, it seems to get a cleaner easier cut as well.

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