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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HighGrass, May 29, 2005.

  1. HighGrass

    HighGrass LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Z5 MA
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    I'm thinking about offering edging with my mowing service but charging separately for it. This is what I've come up with so far...please feel free to comment or correct me.

    1- Price for edging will be .25-30 cents per foot with a min charge of 30.00.
    2- Edging gets done every third week or as needed.
    3- If material needs to be removed from property, there will be an extra charge.

    Also, do any of you edge and then mulch the material when you mow? I realize that probably doesn't happen for the initial edging, but how about for the tri-weekly?
  2. lawn_jockey

    lawn_jockey LawnSite Member
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    Did I hear you say triweekly. Charge extra to edge. :dizzy:
  3. chefdrp

    chefdrp LawnSite Bronze Member
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    are you talking about edging on hard surfaces or around beds? I edge my concrete walks and drives everytime i mow. I dont persay charge extra. Its in the brice of the weekly service. The customer just thinks i go the extra step.
  4. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    How bout doing like most everyone else and edging every week, sometimes every other if it absolutely dosn't need it every week. Edging is all part of mowing the lawn, just like trimming and blowing off the hard surfaces.

    Now, First time edging, that hasn't been done in years could be charged for, but you are only gonna find a few of those a year, and a lot of people really don't care that much about how their lawns look...
  5. Lawnaholic

    Lawnaholic LawnSite Member
    from DFW, TX
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    As with the previous replies, I also offer edging as an every week service. A nice edge on the yard makes it look very presentable, clean, and manicured. Mow, Edge, Weed Eat, and Blow Away should be the basic four services offered in/with your basic mow. Don't make it seem like it's going to be an extra charge to the customer. Give the customer a base price that includes the edging in the lawncare service. Oh yeah, and to answer your other question about which edger's are out there to purchase. I myself use an Echo. You can't go wrong with either an Echo, Stihl, or Shindaiwa in my personal opinion. I hope that helps...
  6. HighGrass

    HighGrass LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Z5 MA
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    Up to this point, I have not edged when I mow. Trim, yes. Edge, no. No one in this area (that I know of) adds edging as part of the mowing service unless people specifically ask for it.

    Having already started the mowing season with mowing trimming and blowing, now I want to add edging. So, I thought of adding it as an extra for this year and including it for next.

    Yea, or whatever timeframe...just an example. :p
  7. Lawnaholic

    Lawnaholic LawnSite Member
    from DFW, TX
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    HighGrass, if your customer base isn't used to the edging part of the service then you might just be able to get away with it. Ask them if they'd like the additional service of edging for a nominal fee and see what they say. I would also give them the heads up that edging will be a part of next years services.

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