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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by milkie62, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. milkie62

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    I have a large property with about 2000 of curb edging.I have the little wonder machine.What is the going rate for this ? It has not been done in a couple of years so there will be alot of cleanup also.
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    We have an account that has 2.5 miles of edging (.5 miles long with 5 curbs). I think it takes about 45 min to do (maybee a little less). But overgrown edging is a whole other issue, could take you 2 hours depending on how bad it is. I have spent 30-45 min just on regular sized houses doing a new edge. Just charge your hourly rate, that is what we do.
  3. causalitist

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    it really does depend.

    i usually kick it to see how much dirt is over the edge... edging varies so much.
    for instance, i charge twice as much if the soil is very hard compact clay than if its 1/4 mile from lake michigan and sandy.

    sandy soil is gravy. like night and day.

    just estimate how long it will take you. and then charge what you think for $50-$75/hr
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    T & M......................................

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