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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowforMoney, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. MowforMoney

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    I saw another LCO in my area using a weed eater but instead of from just verticly edging the beds and other area in the lawn it was like a disk that he looked like he just stuck it in their and then walked around. I am really curious to see what this is or if it was something completely different. But from my point of view he was basically vertically edging but with some type of help. This might be something really old that I have somehow missed or somthing new but who knows. Sure somebody out their does.
  2. TreffertLawnWrx

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    called an edge-it.com. or edgeit.com. alot of guys love them
  3. trying 2b organic

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    Its called an edgit. see edgit.com. great tool, i love mine, search in Lawnsite will turn up some great debates. Im the only guy in my town with one so people ask me about it. After almost one full season with it the only small prob is getting into corners. But the miles of vertical edging that I can let it roll along on the ground while I run beside it more than makes up for it.
    I hve my own technique. Some guy on hear likes to push his allowing him to go one handed. Me, I bring my second hand off the handle and hold both hands near throtle with disk carrying load. Ok its hard to explain and you have to be using the trimmer left handed to do it. (another debate)
    just buy one.

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