Green Acres

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I was wondering how much you guys would charge to edge about 500 ft of sidewalk and along a road? How do you fiqure it by the amount of time or by the foot? How long would something like this take if it was the first time it has ever been edged? Thanks


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A Long time more often then not! You really need to walk every foot of that and kick it with your foot, some of that grass can get really thick, some of it will fall right off. I have been burned too many times &quot;giving away&quot; edgeing.<p>I read a Govt. Contract once and they were charging them(us) about .08 per foot. Keep in mind that this is areas that have been done before, one that has never I would go up to .20 cents per, you still have to rake it off the curb, scoop it up and dispose of it. I would also rent a 3 wheeled edger vs. using a stick edger because of the wear and tear. I had a guy fry one of my edgers because he was trying to edge something that had never been done.<p>Homer