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  1. slagerlawncare

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    how do you guys offer edging? do you include it in your mowing schedule? Or is it a seperate bid? How often do you edge ? i live in the upper midwest. i have a walk behind mclane and didn't push for edging accounts my first year(which was last year).I'm thinking about offering it in a non mowing service package. <br>Thanks and is it spring yet?
  2. cjcland

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    i like to edge every time a clean crisp edge really stands out when people drive by and see the yard, i also am very picky about blowing out the crack where i edge so there wont be dead yellow grass there 2 days later<br>as far as beds if it is st. augustine grass i do it everytime bahia at least every other week
  3. PLS

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    Do yourself a big favor. Buy a stick edger. Get a good one too,(Tanaka, Echo, Stihl, Shidiawa and whatever I forgot). It's worth every penny. We edge every week and it's included. We only take contracts if we do everything (all the chemical, fert, mowing, pruning, etc.) All we do is total management.<br>
  4. HOMER

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    Curb appeal is tops on my list. I take a lot of time prepping my curbs and driveways/walkways. I do it every trip on residential and usually at commercial sites as well, industrial I skip a week. You cannot do professional work without paying attention to all the details. To me that would be like skipping a week on your trimming! Curbs are eye catchers, i can tell who is going to lose their customers by the little things they deem unnecessary.<br>Don't charge extra for edgeing, include it in the package and after you edge take your trimmer and run down that curb making it sharp and crisp, no raggedy edges.<p>Homer style!<p><p><p>Homer
  5. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Use a stick edger and include it in your mowing package.<p>Our contracts state we edge bi-weekly. When it's not raining, we edge them every week. <p>I bring this to the customers attention, especially if they have any other concerns. It makes them feel like we're going above and beyond.<p><br>
  6. Acerdavidi

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    Always edge every week to every other week. The customer is paying to have a top-notch service. and an unedged walk or drive always looks unfinished.
  7. slagerlawncare

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    the reason i wasn't doing it every week was that none of my competitors we're doing it..i would watch my competitors before i got in this business...they were unaware of my hope to start my own business .<br>this will be another way for me to 'improve' my service ..thanks!!!<p>
  8. lawngator

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    from Florida
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    There is another point to be made about edging weekly or bi-weekly. The more often you do it, the easier it is. If you let it go for a month it takes longer to cut it back and square it off. Regular edging allows you to run the stick edger as fast as you can walk. Bill
  9. GroundKprs

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    Here is another market area variation. We edge once a month, sometimes 2-3 weeks in the heavy spring growth. Our lawns always stand out. If others were edging weekly, and the appearance of theirs had negative influence on ours, then we might be edging more frequently.<p>The one thing that you don't want to do is trim along all hard edges, pavement, walls or bed edging, with a string trimmer, scalping the grass down to the edge of the hardscape. That is so common around here, and it is THE UGLIEST thing you can do to a lawn. Results in weed growth along edges, where they are most visible, among other things. If you have learned to edge with the string of your trimmer in an absolute vertical plane, OK.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
  10. Lee Homan

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    Does anyone edge with a weedeater? Iv'e got an echo stick edger but I'm a lot faster with the weedeater and I don't have to go back over the stragglers with a second piece of equipment. Iv'e seen a lot of contractors using the weedeaters here in N. Alabama and Iv'e seen them using the stick edgers too. I do have to admit at first it wasn't that easy or clean looking but Iv'e gotten a lot better the more I do it.

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