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  1. larryinalabama

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    Well Im going to charge 60 min. Im hoping to find a machine but am still uncertian what kind to buy.
  2. dfklawn

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    i own my machine but i go from 1 to 3 dollars a foot. just take into account if there are sprinklers, lighting, cable and phone lines. we are having problems with utilities working thier way up out of the ground in my area. Also if you are able, upselling to concrete edging is a great promo. this is anywhere from 3 to 8 dollars a foot.
  3. dfklawn

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    i own Bed edger brand and have had zero problems. it was part of a package deal when i bought out a curbing business. i have also used blue bird, had no problems with them. i demo d alot at the green industry expo and didnt find any really stand out. i do prefer honda engines for the smaller horsepower equipment.
  4. David Grass

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    I would NOT charge by the hour. You dont charge by the hour when you mow do you? If you did, you would likely not be rewarded for procuring great equipment and being efficient. Same with bed edging, if you are gonna spend 3 to 5 grand on a great machine, charge by the linear foot. I made a couple hundred bucks yesterday afternoon in an hour and a half. Took me 10 to 15 minutes to cut, and the rest was cleaning the beds and retouching the mulch, blowing off, etc. I have the turfteq (badass machine!)

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