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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by capetan, Apr 10, 2008.

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    i noticed a lot of guys using power edgers to cut in bed or edge up an old one .... i personally dont have a power edger, but i watched a few guys use them, and the edging looks some what sloppy and really unnoticeable from 50 plus feet away ..... i just use a flat shovel, it takes longer but iam able to cut 6 inch deep edge even with 2 or 3 inches of mulch its still noticeable and last a lot longer, then every week when i mow the lawn i just edge the beds the same way i do the sidewalks, and stays looking fresh for 2 years or longer , so can some one please educate me on the advantages of a power edger.... plus all my customers think the deep edge is amazing
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    I guess bed edgers are quick and easy to use. Once I cut the edge, I mulch and then maintain the edge with a string. It may not be noticable from 50 ft away, but it sure looks clean and professional up close. As you stated in your post, wouldn't a 2-3 in drop look somewhat unusual, possiblely ankle twisting? When time = money, I try to finish the job as quick as possible.
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    You guys should check out the trenchblade for reshaping your beds. You can put it on your stick edger in the place of a standard flat blade to give you a nice trench on the bed line. Personally I would not trench a bed more that 2 inches deep even with a flat shovel. If you make the trench too deep you can easily go off the edge with your mower and scalp your turf, It can also be a liability for kids playing in the the yard.

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