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    Last spring I installed a simple rock border around my house. It's about three inches deep and goes out three feet from the house. I used long strips of doublelayered weedblock, and I pinioned some cheap plastic edging along the perimeter. I then filled it with bags upon bags of river rock.

    Problem is, that plastic edging didn't hold up real well through the winter, and now I have to consider how to redo it. Any ideas?

    One of my mistakes was to join the separate pieces of edging together with plastic joiners, which was messy. Should I skip this and just overlap the pieces together and bend them around corners? Also, if you recommend that plastic edging route, how should I secure the edging in place?
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    I would not recommend plastic edging for anything, unless it's a very flat, small garden. It breaks down in the winter and fades in the summer. If there are any roots nearby, it will get out of level very fast.

    Try some metal edging (same concept) or even concrete or brick edging. The initial cost may be higher, but it will look a million times better, and it will last in the long run.

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