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    Is a edger a good investment for my business. This is my second year in the business. My customers have not asked for edging. Do you guys automatically edge around curbs and sidewalks, or do you wait to be told? Is a little wonder a good edger, its $400.
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    I don't usually wait to be asked to edge, i just usually do it. IMO a lawn is not complete w/o a nice, clean edge. I have never used a little wonder edger but from the looks of it, they seem pretty heavy duty. There are a lot of variables when it comes to buying an edger. It depends on how thick the grass is and how overgrown. I recently bought a stick edger (husqvarna 125e) which works well for maintenance edging and saves a lot of time over regular walk behind units. However, those high-end Little Wonder and Tanaka edgers move really fast so the time difference is negligible. :)
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    I edge 95% of my properties weekly. They don't ask but I sell on quality not price or anything else. And I most likely have OCD. I hate leaving a lawn thats not 100% in every way. Since you're asking about it and your customers haven't asked you it sounds like its one of those things nagging at you because you know it could look better. I know some people edge their properties only when asked.(as an additional service). I just figure it into my weekly mowing price which is probably higher than a lot of other companies but quality work sells itself and you have something to be proud of.
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    I would assume the little wonder edger is a good edger. If you are edging you're properties often a stick edger will do just as well. the lw walk behind edger would make edging overgrown edges must easier and faster
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    Another option I see a lot of people do is they buy a walk behind edger, like what you're talking about, and then maintain the edge with their string trimmer turned sideways. I don't personally like doing this because I have only tried it once and took a while because it was a little awkward and hard to keep it straight. But some people really like it and can do it really fast with some practice. :)
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    A lawn is not complete until it is edged! I have a shindawia le242and love it.
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  7. Edge. It makes a BIG difference. More professional. In Florida we edge EVRYTHING. No choice. When we take over a new client we may even re-work all the beds so they are properly edged. With the type of grasses we have its the best way to keep it from spreading into beds and other areas.

    You don't need to spend $400. You can start using a commercial Echo or Stihl stick edger for $200 - $250.
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    X2. Good edging is what seperates the pro from little Johnny Hackjob.:usflag:
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    +1 however most around here can't edge to save their lives even if they've been doing this for a very long time. This is the land of burned up hack job scalped edging. :hammerhead:

    One of my peeves in the industry. :dizzy:
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    I always edge. I do all my accounts 2-3times a year. First (about week or so before mowing starts)Just use the blower to then in the middle of the year. then at the end of the year. The end of the year just make it easier come spring. That is what i do with my edger. The yeat of the year i just use my trimmer to keep it up.

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