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    I was wondering what alot of you guys use to do edging. I know of at least three kinds. There are edgers that have a 3hp motor on them that you push, Weadeater edgers that have a blade and wheel, and the cheapos from sears and etc. What is the best one to use? I have not tried the weadeater edger so far and I was wondering how it preformed, are they very fast adn do they do a good job. Right now I use a regular weedeater to do the edging, it does an allright job but I know it can look alot better than it does. any input?

    Levi Duncan

    Lone Tree Lawn Care
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    I use the Little Wonder x-tra edger,even on areas that have not been edged before I have to hold the thing back.It's
    very manuverable,starts quickly and is very light...
    Brian Mason
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    i have a echo 2400 sb split shaft trimmer. i bought the stick edger attachment. works great. i also have the rotary broom attachment. its a good system.

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