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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by antcap51, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. antcap51

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    I am a homeowner with about a 1/3 of an acre in NJ. I have about 100 foot of curb to edge and a small driveway. I have a decent amount of mulch beds that I edge. I currently flip my weed eater over and edge that way to maintain the edges. AT first I did the edges with a flat shovel. I really want a stick edger or the edit I have read so much about. In everyones opinion which would you suggest? I currently have an Echo 210 trimmer. Thank you
  2. LuckhardtLawnService

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    I will always stick to edging everything with a Trimmer, Fs100-110 Stihl, It will take you longer to change from the edger to the trimmer. If you can become good at edging mulch beds, sidewalks, its always best in my opinion to use a Weedeater/trimmer. ps the time it takes you to change out equipment you could have "flat" weedeated the things you couldnt get with the mower. Good Luck

    Being a home owner though u might want to stick with the edger.
  3. huntw11871

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    I would say get a edger. You can move very fast and the mulched beds will look better. There is new blades on the market that helps make some really nice wide and deep trench's. No more shovels.. I am sorry I dont know much about the edgit. What I have heard is so up in the air I would not know what to tell you. What ever you do don't get a push edger to save on the back. They don't move around beds and tight places very well were the stick edger will get with no problem.. Try to get one used off of craigslist.com or ebay to say a little money due to the fact you want use it day in and day out.
  4. elshauno

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    An egdit is about 60 to 70 and from what Ive read has a quick learning curve. I know they edge well Ive seen it. do a search on here for the edgit and read what others have said that have them. People that have them love them. Good luck
  5. ALC-GregH

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    I got my Edgit in the mail Friday while I was working. Came home that night and saw it showed up so I bolted it on. At first I thought it wasn't going to work very well when I tested it out at home. Once I figured it out, it actually cuts the curb/sidewalk edge better then my Echo stick edger!!!!!! I kid you not. Much cleaner edge then my stick edger. I found that using the Edgit, that it will cut EVERY blade of grass on the edge where the stick edger leaves some behind.
    I'm loving it.
  6. Barefoot James

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    This is the best tool on the truck. Once you use one you never would go back to the old ways - I worked on a golf course for 10 years and was an expert without but with an edgit I own edge lines - 100% faster and they stayon FT. Safer. Cuts better, saves string and newbies can learn in 5 mins - just cut on the right edge. The hand tool companies and shops don't want you to know about them because of $$$ - there loss of it. They want to sell you and inferior edger that only edges - notheing else just edge lines - the edgit does it all!

    www.edgit.com about $65
  7. JDUtah

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    Edgit for sure! Just like the other guys say, it gets us more work! I have homeowners watch it being used and come and ask where we got that "edger" from all the time. I joke they have to hire us for that 'special' edge. :) Then direct them to the website. Go with the edgit!

    The only time we use an edger is if the edge is overgrown, like a year overgrown. After that its just the edgit. If your the homeowner and plan to do it, eh, every 2 weeks, buy the edgit. If it is overgrown now, just pay an LCO to cut it back once, then you are good to go. :)
  8. Barefoot James

    Barefoot James LawnSite Senior Member
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    I enjoy your posts and "books" on the bright side.

    I really love my edgit. This thing has got me more business and like you I get stopped every week with other LCOS who STOP and want info - 50% actually try it out. But make sure you have the in a jungle jim or other holder - we actually worked late one night and for what ever reason just set it in the back of the pick up (brain fart) well when we got back to the garage it was gone - the only explaination is it flew out.

    Your last thread you started about starting out organic would be tough without the commercial mowing to get your feet wet. You have to have some traction and transition into it. We have over 100 organic customers which all started with about 40 mowing ones.

    The other option is to have lots of cash flow and a nest egg and buy a safelawns franchise. But I don't have 500K. 300K for the business and 200K you would need to have money to live off off before you got the 400 customers you wold need to have positive cash flow and pay off the 500K. - LOL sort of crazy. Great for the big landscape companies that want to expand into where the market will go.
  9. JDUtah

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    Thanks Barefoot, I appreciate that. Haha, books would be an appropriate term. :) It's good to meander over here.

    Yes, I would agree with the need for a mowing base. I just met with my old partner to discuss stuff. I'm leaving our current mowing and fert and squirt customers to him.

    Anyways, my idea of an organic maintenance program includes us doing the mowing, irrigation, fert & weeds, mulch, beds, spring and fall cleanups, and pruning....

    I'm chasing the people who really want us to do everything, and doing it organically as gravy on top. (My partner didn't want to target that market exclusively, I really really really do.)

    Starting over will be hard, but I'm excited for the added freedom. We had so many different customers that only hired us for parts of the biz that it was driving me crazy. I figure next year work to get 30-50 high paying peeps who want me(us) to do everything every week. That way it's easier to manage, and the lead does the expert stuff while his mowing techs are doing their thing. Set up a trailer and system that will handle that well, and bingo. :)

    Time will tell if I can pull it off.

    Oh, and once again, go with the edgit!
  10. Grass Happens

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    how big of a trimmer do you need for one to work well?

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