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Absolutely love it. I have them on all but one of my trimmers and it has a blade for brush / weeds, or it would have one on it also. After a little use, to become accustomed to it, you can trim, maintain an edge and we use them to mow tight areas. All in all, well worth the money in my opinion.


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Brighton, MI
I was gonna get one, but it doesn't work with Husqvarna trimmers, and I'm glad I didn't. I then purchased a stick edger. I Run by the curb with my stick edger. I couldnt imagine it working better than an edger???


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Belvidere, IL
We also use them on all our trimmers.When you send your crews out to do 50 plus homes a day its Saves a lot of time and looks just as good a a stick edger. They do the walks, drives, curbs and all flower and tree beds and go right on trimming the yard then walk on down to the next one. Brickman also has there army equipped with them.


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Anderson, IN

Would never own a trimmer that I could not put one on.

Not only is it great for edging, but makes it better for cutting around houses, under fences, tall grass, etc....

They normally have them at the expo for $50. Ordering is something like $75 once you add shipping and their normal price.


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Galway, NY
Handy Randy said:
Was curious if anyone out there in lawnmower land has tried this adaptor for your string trimmer. and if so what do you think. www.Edgit.com

Every one has an opinion -- Mine is I wouldnt use a trimmer without an 'EDGIT', the extra weight is not an issue as you are rolling it most of the time.



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Atlanta, GA.
Edgit works very well for me - Solo=BIG savings in time!
It is not a true "Edger" but cuts much more like an edger than a string trimmer w/o an Edgit. Can not beat a stick edger for overgrown untrimmed edges, but an Edgit gives a very clean controlled cut. My Sthil stick usually only gets used on new properties early in the season.
I don't think you are really qualified to comment if you haven't used one.
Good investment. C'mon on it's like $70! Pays for itself in time savings...
I've never lost a customer because he said"Gee, ya know I'm dropping you. I like the way that guy gets his edge cut with that other thing."


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I recently bought one after a fellow lawn buddy kept telling me how great they are. At first I wasn't really impressed and considered taking it off, but now that I am used to it I really like it. Bought it for like $48.00 off eBay.