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Education: How many have it?


From the level of literacy shown online I'd tend to think that there's not a lot of high school education in evidence here. I don't see how a lot of folks online can even begin to write up a proposal that can be read or interpreted.

John Deere

LawnSite Member
I have a 4 year degree in Business and a 2 year degree in Horticulture Science. I also have an emphasis in Landscape Design along with my Horticulture degree. I find it somewhat helpful although most people will learn "on the job" as I have. However if I didn't have my degrees I would still get them, especially at the level of business that we are at. Hope any info helps. Feel free to ask!

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I have a BA degree in Striping and Double Blades, or is that a BS degree. :D
High School graduate is all I can claim.