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  1. MikeTA95

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    Where are some good places to educate myself on hardscaping? I have a few guys in my crew with hardscaping experience who are really wanting to do hardscaping work, and some customers looking to install some hardscaping work. It seems like the perfect set up, but I don't feel comfortable having my guys do the work without me feeling 100% about all the details. So far I've educated myself by:

    1. Taking a few hardscaping courses at Rutgers University, including pavers (2x), retaining walls, and kitchens/firepits
    2. Attending two techo-bloc trade shows
    3. Attending a smaller local trade show where they held a paver class and an outdoor firepit course.
    4. Attempting to work with another landscaper friend to pick up a little experience (free labor in exchange for education), but it didn't work out (His methods for installation go against everything I've learned so far, which confused me further.)

    Honestly, I've learned a lot but even looking at the potential jobs I have unanswered questions about how to proceed. I'm very particular with my jobs and do not want to screw one up.

    I've looked into ICPI, but there is nothing nearby, and honestly I don't completely understand their program.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. promower

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    Best thing is get your feet wet on your own project, a family member or friend. Sounds like you have a basic idea through reading and some employees with some experience even if its limited. Def dont want screw one up like you said but if its your own house then who cares rip it up and start over.
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    Just come up to North Jersey for a week and i'll teach you.
  4. promower

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    Teach me some new tricks to! I dont know though... jersey... Ive heard stories about people from that neck of the woods
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  5. MikeTA95

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    Where are you from? I'm from south jersey
  6. alexschultz1

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    try to get a part time job working for an experienced company.
  7. Stillwater

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    Where are you
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