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    For all you guys that DIDNT go to school for 4 years in a nonrelated field to lawn care, do any of you have an education in this field. What kind of classes did you take and do you think it helped you quite a bit?
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    AAS Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Development SUNY Farmingdale
    BS Plant and Soil Sciences U. of Delaware

    It helped a whole lot. Do it if u can. Also, many schools have classes or extension programs you can take. Check out horticulture programs and a business law class. Accounting too. And Spanish. And lots and lots of sciences and labs. Definately worth it. Plus, if my arms fall off and I can't be Hans Solo anymore and I don't expand I always have a piece of paper that says I'm not a complete moron at least to help me get a different job of some type. Anyone reading is cool.

    PS, this college educated fool did find the original ? a little confusing.
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    Sorry, i meant the question for people who went to school or took classes pertaining to lawn care and landscaping, not for the people who went to school for accounting, got sick of the job and decided to cut grass.

    But anyway, ive been thinking about taking some classes at the local CC and im just wondering how much it really helps LCO broaden their businesses.
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    I actually Started schooling as an engineering student Got sick of that and switched schools and careers. Did one year to get my AA and then Xfered to U of Florida and got a BS in Environmental Horticulture with a specialty in turf grass...and I was realy close to geting a minor in business...(had aspiratoins of working on a golf course)....Classes helped I don't think I'd be where I am today If I had not had any college classes....

    The classes look good, but take a business level accounting class as well, and if you can find it a small engine repair class, maybe at a vocational school. Money well spent, being able to solve your own engine problems....IE Be your own mechanic...
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    Do you do your own accounting? I dont as im terrible at math and I would rather just pay somene to do it. The mechanics side ive picked up over the last 10 years.

    Basically what im trying to do is make my comany expand into different things. For instance, i do some small landscaping jobs, jobs that dont take much design, basically going in and cutting some beds, doing a little planting and then mulching. But i would like to get into big jobs and design.

    Another thing is the turf managment. I know enough to get me by but sometimes my customers have questions I cant answer.

    Will going to school help me with all of this? Or should I just go to the library and read up on it?
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    I would never be your own accountant. But by taking the accounting classes it is just more background good info so when you talk with the accountant, you can understand him.

    School will help with some of the questions.... Landscape design is fun, but it all boils down to what the customer wants....Thelonger you are in business the more you will learn. Go to seminars, buy books and have fun.

    Life to too short to be miserable....and unhappy

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