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Gentlemen (and ladies),<p>Seems like the discussion on annual accounts has stirred some interest.....wanted to make you all aware about articles on subjects that are discussed here daily. PM on equipment, increasing revenues, building your business, diversification, etc. <p>&quot;HOW CAN I MAKE $ WITHOUT WORKING 24-7? speaks to many ideas on how to do it....subbing, diversification, etc.<p>&quot;DOES YOUR PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM MAKE YOU $? PM system, what to do when you purchase it, cost controls, inventory, theft protection, etc.<p>&quot;ATLANTA....A NICE PLACE TO BE FROM...a consultation I did with a gentleman who bought TWO LMO's and didn't know a lopper from a trailer. You think you've got problems?<p>&quot;WHAT IS A ZT MOWER AND WHICH IS BEST?&quot; read about &quot;Rodeo Sam&quot;....if you've ever had employees, you'll appreciate this one.<p>These articles are all available on go to the home page, look to the upper right for TIPS BY BILL PHAGAN. click and scroll to the article you want.<p>These articles are duplicated on my site but &quot;WHICH COMES FIRST, THE BUSINESS OR THE WORK?&quot; is good reading as well as &quot;YOU IDIOT! YOU HIT MY MERCEDES!&quot; talks to property damages, assessing them and what to do when it happens....even got sued once. These two can be found on my site along with our BUSINESS BOOSTER BOOKS. Our site is undergoing a 30% renovation but you can e-mail me if you have a problem at GIBIZ@AOL.COM...if you order the books, please advise you received this information from Lawnsite as Chuck and I are working on some things to help y'all. Call if you have questions.<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Industry Consulting, Inc.<br>813-961-2149

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