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effect of size, weight of grass seeds


LawnSite Member
I don't know if this question has been asked before or if the answer is obvious to professionals who are most likely the ones who will be reading this, but if I buy a 25 or 50 lb. bag of grass seed that is a mixture of 75% various fescues and 25% perennial rye and bluegrass and assuming that these seeds are not the same size or weight, is there any danger that these seeds will distribute themselves unevenly in the bag and thus be unevenly distributed when I use a rotary spreader to seed? Should I stir the contents of the bag each time before I load into the spreader? Thanks.


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transition zone
Considering that the seed is packed in bags and then placed on a pallet before shipping there is probably very little if any seperationg of the different seed types. But just for info. there are many varities of fescues, ryes and bluegrass and each varity has its own size of seed. Fescues generaly adverage 200-250,000 seeds per lb as do the ryegrasses, except for the grain type ryes. Bluegrass can adverage anywhere from 800,000 to 2 million seeds per lb. Thats 4 to 10 times as many seeds per lb as the fescues and ryes. A Little settleing might occur but unless you picked the bag up and shook it for a long time, I doubt that you would be able to tell the difference.