Effect of slow economy / housing market?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnyappleseed, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. johnyappleseed

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    What effects to you expect to see from the slowing housing market? Are people spending less on lawn care?

    What about the slowing economy in general? How is your business doing so far?
  2. TomberLawn

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    I haven't seen any slow down from my customers. Most of them are already retired or work for an "institutional employer" like a university and haven't been affected much if any yet. It's kind of funny--I actually have 2-3 new customers who expressed interest over the past couple of weeks. Two of them are kind of temporary or 'as needed' until the end of the season, since grass is slowing down. But, hey, money is money. One or two extra cuts now and then adds up.
  3. Rhinox29

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    I lost 2 customers in the last month. I have only lost 1 customer in the last 2 years. The one customer has had his hours cut in half and has been warned he may be layed off. The other one is across the street from the one I lost. He said he has financial problems also. Other customers(friends of his) in the same neighborhood said he is doing fine. He is one of these guy's who does what his neighbors do. You paint your house, he paints his house type of guy. I have already nailed down a charter school to take their place and then some. :clapping:
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    a little bit of truble trying to find new acconts

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