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effective prescreening methods/questions???


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MA z6
anyone have a good, short, efficient system of weeding out price shoppers/tire kickers?

i'm getting great response to my ads this year but i'm killing myself spending wasted time with the price shoppers....


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Since i'm the one that handles all phone calls, this is what i do. I first let them know that we cut every 7 days. Price shoppers a lot of times are trying to save their $$'s by asking for a 14 day cut. So i think this is the most important question i can ask them. if they say they only want it bi-monthly, i politely tell them that we aren't the company for them.


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East Tennessee
Same here, we go with weekly over the phone and back that out to bi-weekly only if the property requires it. I also open up by asking what they have in mind for their property. This gives me a pretty good picture right away. If they want a bi-weekly scalping I politlely pass or bid the job about double the norm. I actually try not to do that very often just because I don't want my name on a crap yard.