Effectiveness of Running All Walk Behinds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Church2224, Dec 2, 2013.

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    I haven't read this whole thread and I'm not going to read 14 pages of it, however I did have the chance to speak with a well known LCO who I have quoted below with his opinion on walk behinds & ZTR's....

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    Excellent post!
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    Quick question, I am looking into getting a Turf Tracer X Series this year. I am debating whether I should get a 52 or 60. Which one would be better? I already have a 48 S Series and use it on some lawns, but I would like to use this machine on yards that are a half acre to an acre and maybe eventually phase out the 48 for it.
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    let me stutter for a minute.

    nnn-nnn-nnn never get rid of your 48.

    ok Im done.:cool2:
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    You Alaskans sure have a lot of personality. What's the weather like up there?
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    Guessing it's beer drinking season up there...:drinkup:
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    A 52 is only 4" wider, so I would go for a 60 if you are adding to your fleet to compliment your 48. If you have the opportunity to try a 60 on some of your properties it would be a good test to see if one would work. Sometimes it is surprising what you can do with a bigger mower. I luckily had a friend with a 72 ztr that I tried on all of my properties before I stepped up from a 60 ztr. So on that note, I opted for a 52 walk behind rather than a 48.
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    I know it is here!!! What an awesome winter. One to remember for sure.
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    Our winter sucked.

    You lower 48 blokes got all our weather… been 40s and raining til last week.
    Now we have the typically february. 10 degrees and 50 mph winds gusting to 80mph.

    No snow… (well incredibly little of it)

    anchorage bowl area maybe got 20"-24" this year so far.

    Fairbanks has about 60" but its 100% concrete now…it warmed up, rained and then refroze.

    I don't drink.

    But here in AK, with all the DUIs every day is beer drinking season for these idiots.

    Iron dog race is coming up soon (what are they going to race on roots and rocks?)

    Several qualifying trials for the iditarod have been canceled already.
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    So what we're getting is like what Alaska is usually like. I love it!
    I personally love cold weather and get a giant kick out of hearing everyone whine and moan about it constantly.
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