Effectiveness of Running All Walk Behinds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Church2224, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Deererunner

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    Actually, the scag is much cheaper than the exmark, I was just quoted for the 48" SWZ for $4100.

    I'll be replacing all my mowers over to the scag SWZ's. To me, which I have said before, I see much more productivity out of the walk behinds then the z-turns.
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  2. grassmasterswilson

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    As stated before I run a 2 man crew with a 60" hustler ztr during growing season and 48" walker in fall.

    I'm really considering wbs because of the complaints I'm getting.....

    -I see ruts from our normal 2 outside passes.
    - divots from turning start to show up no matter what I show and tell them(guys with very little experience hoping to groom)
    - few older customers comment "that mower is so fast"

    I do 90%+ smaller residentials and the average sqft might be 12-15k or under. I do have a few large mow blow go properties where a ztr would be best.

    Based on being in business for 10 years and having very few 1+ acre properties I may as well stay in this smaller propert niche....residential and small commercial offices. Would just turn down larger jobs rather than buying a second ztr. I would keep the current ztr for current properties and run it as long as possible before deciding to buy another.

    Cost wise I can buy 2 very good quality wbs for the same price as a ztr. Put a chute blocker in them and I'm good to go.

    It really comes down to time now. Wb time vs ztr time. Even with wb taking 5-10 minutes longer I may be able to raise the quality level and in turn raise price a little. Could sell services as.....we don't use the big mowers that tear up turf.
  3. Church2224

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    That is pretty damn good for a Scag. Down here 4,100 is the price of the belt drive.
  4. Groomer

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    I can identify-you've found your niche and what works.
    When I put a ztr on the trailer, it was more hassle than it was worth.
    hell, I even had to use a walkbehind to pop the ztr out of some soft, spring turf one year.
    It's been a few seasons now without the ztr, but I can still spot some "wear" marks in certain lawns from the ztr.
    A ztr does have it's place-acreage. Just didn't work for my application.
    I can move through a neighborhood pretty quickly with 3 48" WB hydros, and be confident everything will look "polished" when I pull away.
  5. Exmarkboy13

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    Anyone care to post pictures of their walk behinds and setups that are "walkbehind" only?? this is a great thread, and i thought i was the only one who thought like this, so lets keep it going!
  6. SDLandscapes VT

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    If weight has nothing to do with the pump/wheel motor combo--why did they upsize the pumps and wheel motors on 2nd generation zero turns--first generation--which used the same pumps as walkbehinds--did not last long--all things being the same except weight and speed---weight is a cause for faster decay.

    my TTX weighs in at 720# and the Vantage 52 with same engine weighs in at 875# w/o rider. We walk so the weight on ours remains 720# and the Vantage goes up to 1125# w/ 250# operator--400# is significant to both the compaction of the turf and the longevity of the mower. Also with us walking behind the mower we start in the 200# range and end up in the 180-190# range with minimal turf compaction
  7. SDLandscapes VT

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    @Exmarkboy 13--there are some shots on our facebook page www.facebook.com/landscapevermont we do own one walker that we use in spring and fall for clean-ups, for aerations, and sometimes on new clients we pick up mid season that are behind on their property and need a "summer clean-up"

    we sold off all of our open trailers and will be getting a large enclosed trailer that will allow us better capacity for our landscape detailing tools. We have 3 TTS 48's 1 TTX 52" 1 toro turfmaster 30" and a walker mtghs 48" the walker will most likely be left behind
  8. Holland

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    I'm solo. I run a 48 Turf Tracer. I also have a 36 Viking for backup. For now I'm very happy with this setup.
  9. arkansas502

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    How long have you been in business? You have very nice equipment and do great work from the photos I looked at. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about finding quality people to work for you? I am having a problem finding the right people. Thanks
  10. Deererunner

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    21- Toro
    32 - Ferris HydroCut
    52 - Snapper Pro Hydro
    52 - Snapper Pro Hydro
    16' Open Trailer


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