Effects of Sunlight on PVC Pipe

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    Was doing a little research and came across the PWEagle Pipe site that has several Technical Bulletins that are quite interesting. The one on the effects of sunlight on PVC pipe was especially interesting.

    The UV rays of the sun only affect the first .001" to .002" of the pipe surface, creating telltale "sunburn." Basically PVC that has been exposed to sunlight over a two year test period has a decrease in Impact Resistance but no affect on Pressure Capacity or Pipe Stiffness.

    The bulletin states: "Depending on the type of pipe, additional care may be required during pipe handling and installation to avoid potential breakage. Once installed, however, there will be no effect on the pipe's pressure capacity and external load capacity."

    "The degree to which impact strength is affected by sunlight depends upon a number of variables, including: time of exposure, climatic conditions, diameter of pipe, wall thickness of pipe, and type of PVC compound used."

    "The tapping of UV-discolored pressure pipes has been a topic of concern. However, the PVC pipe industry has found no evidence of tapping failures due to UV discoloration."

    To view this and all the other Technical Bulletins you can go here http://www.pweagleinc.com/support/index.html

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