Efficient power raking tips and tricks ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NDLawnGuy, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. NDLawnGuy

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    I'm new to the site and I've just started a lawn service in the past year. I enjoy how experienced Lawn Care professionals help out the "newbies" on this
    forum. Great site!

    Does anyone have any tips to use when they're power raking? ie. power rake brands, bagging the dead grass, mowing it up vs. hand raking, vacs? Just looking for most efficient and profitable method while doing quality work.

    I purchased a BlueBird PR22 and was also curious how they stack up against the competition?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Petr51488

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    I never used a bluebird, but i'm pretty sure all the well known commerical models do the same job. I have a classen with a honda motor that works great. I power rake the yard, then blow all the dead grass either into the street, or into a pile and pick it up. It's too much of a mess if i mow it over (depending on the size of your lawn) and it wont pick everything up. You'll also be constantly stopping and picking up the thatch. I also dont rake because it takes forever. Power rake, blow it off the lawn along with all the leaves that are trapped around the house from the winter and your done.
  3. ashgrove landscaping

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    Just bag it with your mower a couple times. It s a dusty job and takes a bit of time but looks good in the end and will grow better.
  4. mds2000

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    first the blue bird is a good machine mine is like 5 years old and the honda is running strong regular oil changes power raking is pretty dusty.

    i use a back pack blower and rake it goes pretty quick blow to the center of the lawn and rack the last bit up. i just got a walker and that thing is awesome for doing clean ups but my trailer is not big enough to haul it all around. i have a commercail honda and i hate trying to mowe up the thatch it leaves a lot of mess leading to extra passes.

    the depth set put the machine on a flat surface ( side walk ) set the tines so they just touch the ground any more it will just chew up the ground and watch for moss it will tear it up fast and leave big bald patches ( make sure the costomer knows and is ok to plant some seed after .

    got to go now and good luck on the new venture
  5. EquityGreen

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    Ive used all of the "major brand" power rakes. I bought a TruCut from a guy last year and its been a blessing. We power rake, weed whack the yard, blow out the landscape beds, and mow the lawn with out ZTR's, WBH's. We get about $30 per 1000 sq ft... We are expensive realitive to some of our competition but our service quality is second to none!
  6. meets1

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    I have a bluebird and ryan and we fab a front mount rake to our utility tractor - running a 6.5 honda and taking 52 cut. Works great but still need to use the walk behinds. With that being said, we mow and bag it all - I would never blow all that material to the street or walks - with billy goat blowers and back packs I am there for a day - I have tried.

    If there is alot of debris - set the deck up and pick up what you can. Go back over it and set the deck down and go a different dirrection. We are obsess with our lines so even our power rake lines are pretty straight - then mow a different direction and maybe remove on an angle. Always looks cool!

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