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Efficient Worker


LawnSite Member
Now this guy knows the meaning of being efficent while on the job.
Doesn't even leave the mower for his lunch break.



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Flint, Michigan
This picture reminds me of a story that one of my friends tod me. He was at a bank one day, had to make a deposit. and had the rig all loaded up (One ton stake with a wide trailer). Wel, the inside was closed, and all that was open was the drive through. After standing in line, as he had the truck pulled to the side because it wouldn't fit, he finally got his turn. The lady in the bank said she can't help him, because he had to be in a vehicle. He explained to her that this was impossible, as his truck and trailer would no fit through the drive through. She was real snotty with him, saying. "I'm sorry, but we cannot help you due to "liability purposes". He said fine, walked away, and gave up his place in line.
Well, imagine the irritated look on this ladies face, when a couple of minutes later, there's this familiar looking customer sitting on his Lazer, waiting in line. She let him do his transaction, and it was back to business as usual!


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New York State
he shoulda gotten a machine with a cup holder


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That is a great story Runner...that would make for a good commerical for a mowing company


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Runner, thats too funny. However, I can see myself doing the same thing.

Theirs a fellow in Danbury who ironically rents an appartment from my dad and his brother real estate company. After a series of violations and suspensions, the state permanently revoked his liscense. He bought a lawn tractor from Sears and thats how he gets around town. Its histerical, it has a seat belt, turn signals, headlights (of course not registered.) Its not un common to see this guy tooling around town, the bank, local dunkin donuts in his crapsman tracror (WITH MOWING DECK!!:D :laugh: )

And to top it all off, during a snow storm he swaps gear and puts a plow in the front and rides around town.