Efflorescence Clause?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by paponte, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Just curious to see if anyone has an efflorescence clause in their contract. I have never had a problem before with the issue that a little paver prep couldn't take care of, until this week. We recently finished a 1700sqft patio that has a VERY anal owner. One of my favorite patterns (...yeah Right!) 45 degree porkchops, and there is white on alot of the pavers. I have already cleaned the patio twice, going stronger the second time and still some will not come out. Of course the owner wants to hold back payment until the "issue" is resolved.

    Anyone ever run into this problem?
  2. zedosix

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    Man what a pita that is. I suggest he gets the facts on efflorescense before he starts holding back money. It can take some time for this to dissolve from the brick, its actually bleeding thru and can take up to a year to fully clear up. I would not waste any more time cleaning since you may be removing some of the color dye. Then you will really have a problem on hand. I would get in touch with your supplier and have them send a rep over to have a look. Its not something you should be responsible for.

    Good luck.
  3. paponte

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    Yeah, I already told the customer that I will not clean it again. I have the company sales rep going to the job this week. Was just curious if anyone has ever ran into this before. Like I said this particular customer is the absolute most anal person I have ever worked for. The guy took off of work for 3 weeks to watch EVERY phase of the project, from the ripout to the last piece of sod.
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    That's when setting up payment draws based on different parts in the installation are complete is a good idea.......

    10% Initial down payment, 25% Payment at start of job, 30% Payment when base is complete, 30% when pavers are laid/cut installed, 5% final payment. Each payment equals a milestone meeting. Have them sign off on that portion of construction then move to the next phase upon

    I know most companies take 3 payments: 1/3 down payment, 1/3 at start of project and 1/3 at end. I definitely didn't like having the customer have 33% of my money at the end of the project. Just too much power and too many reasons to hold back money. Setting up draws makes it much fairer on both sides and either side can walk away without getting too hurt in the middle of a project if need be.

    Efflorescence can be a real pain, especially with a couple big manufacturers products. You should have clauses in the contract stating that efflourescence is a natural occurance and you are not responsible for cleaning/replacing, etc, since it will wear off over time (some products a very, very long time). Also, if you notice the pavers have a ton of efflorescence before or while you are laying them, you should stop and see if your distributor or manufacture can replace them asap. I know that we received over 40 cubes of Dub.Cobble last year that we had to return because the efflorescence was really a slurry coating that would not come off. We don't sell Belgard any more.
  5. Grn Mtn

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    no clause in my contract yet, but when I am selling the hardscape I mention what it is and that it takes time to fully wash out. I stress how 1 year of chalk verses 70 years of nice looking hardscape ain't all that bad.

    Another reason I like using Techo-blok now is that they explain this in their literature, they have a transferable lifetime warranty that will even cover failure caused by salting (although they say their blocks can handle it.)

    It seems the longer I am in the business, the longer the fine print becomes because of said type of customers. I miss the days when a handshake was all you needed.
  6. paponte

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    Got that right! I will post some pics of the job once I get a chance to free up from our current one. This guy like I said is just the most anal person I have EVER worked for. I explained all to the customer as well, and that sometimes more will surface. He is looking for a guarantee from the company, that if for some reason it doesn't come clean that he is covered. Honestly he is just being a PITA, but after... I wondered if anyone had a clause just to CYA. :hammerhead:

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