EFI fuel problems

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    If we run our EFI too low in fuel it starts to miss and loose power. flipping the fuel valve to other tank fast on our non EFI keeps you going but on the EFI and never recovers, still runs like on one cyl. and may do so for ever. what i found is the pick up line in the tank becomes fully pressurized and the small check ball in the pickup screen is forced down closing of 99% of incoming fuel. only fix i know of is to force my hand down into the tank leaving flesh behind for raw fuel to sooth and pulling pickup screen of line watching not to get a eye full of pressurized fuel. once the pressure is relieved, reinstall pick up screen and cycle key a few times to build correct fuel pressure back up (find a bandaid) and your on you way again!!! have others had this problem and is there a fix?
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    I believe the only thing you can do is watch the fuel level and not let it suck air when it gets low.

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    I let mine run out by accident one day 1/2 mile out, found a can on the side of the road, took my pocket knife and opened the top a little more. There is a Schrader valve on the left hand side of the engine standing at the back. This valve is used to attach a fuel pressure gage. I took the cap off an placed the can so no gas would squirt on the engine, took my pocket knife, pushed the valve and let gas into the can. I let out maybe 3 ounces, this took the pressure off so the fuel pump could move the gas and it cranked right up and ran perfectly.

    I talked with Kohler about this, and they said you were not supposed to need this procedure and if the tanks are plumbed correctly the fuel pump can push fuel through the system. They also said Exmark had the same problem until they plumbed differently. The normal procedure is supposed to be where you can turn the key on so the fuel pump cycles (do not turn engine over) for one minute, and it fills the system back with gas. If it is not plumbed so a little gas can bypass back into the tank the fuel pump cannot push against a pressurized system, it is not the engines fault.

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