EFI vs. Kawasaki LQ

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gunpowder, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. gunpowder

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    from Indiana
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    I have had two different 60" Lazers with KawI's and have noticed most dealers seem to be pushing EFI's now. I would be interested in the opinions on why one may choose an EFI over a liquid cooled. Is it just the price differance?

    I buy new every year but because of my price break as a not-for-profit, I have no problem selling my used mower for the exact cost of a new one considering my not-for-profit discount from factory and average hours at the end of the year on the machine (57 hrs for 2002!). (Exmark Lazer Z 60")

    I assume most buy EFI because of the cost differance that is harder to pay for when a commercial operation maybe trading every other year.
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    I "think" the EFI is supposed to be more fuel effecient....

    Geez, I would think a suject like this would bring out a lot of comments about "mine is better than yours". Even though I dislike a real pissing match, I would like to see a little comparison debate myself.
  3. PGT

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    The price difference here is under $100.00 so that is not a big reason. You put very few hours on so the efi is not going to save you much coin on gas. Since you trade every year I'd go with what you can resell/trade for the most money.
  4. gunpowder

    gunpowder LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    I talked to another dealer and he is different yet. His big seller is the new 26 hp straight kholer engines w/out EFI. Said the Kawasaki has traction problems on hills and makes turn marks due to weight distribution. Supposed diference in price between the KWLQ and Kohler EFI is around $500 here.

    I like the lack of heat on my back the Kawasaki LQ provides..much quieter as well.

    Since resale value is important I just want to keep up with the trends. Sounds like EFI or straight Kohler is where it is at maybe. Might have to change in a few years and cash in on a trimmer with the possible savings differance.
  5. lazer 46

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    I have the 27hp Liquid cooled with 250 hrs. on it. Relatively trouble free. I just bought the 26efi to use this season and use the 27 LQ as my backup. I don't think you can go wrong with either mower. As far as the 27 having traction problems and leaving marks in the lawn I have encountered neither. The biggest difference in the two mowers is the suspension seat that is standard with the 26efi. I bought it cause I got a good deal and it was the only one left. If there had been a 27LQ left I would have bought that. Just add the good seat.
  6. gunpowder

    gunpowder LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    I thought the 2002 standard seat on my LZ27LKA60 had a fairly better seat compared to previous year models. I think it was changed slightly. Not sure the cost is worth it to upgrade. I think it is around $600+.
  7. TLS

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    I tried to talk myself out of commenting on your companies yearly purchases.....But I just couldn't hold back!

    First of all welcome to LS!

    Here goes...

    As I understand it, you work for a Non Profit company. They purchase a few ZTR's each year and sell them the following year to the general public with about 50 hrs on them for basically the same price they were able to buy them for. If thats totally true, then thats great!

    But on the other side of the coin, why not keep the mower for a couple few years and have them write it off as a loss? These machines are capable of a couple thousand hours or at least 5 years use before they get beyond repair.

    I'd go for the 60" Diesel if I were you. After all, its not YOUR money!!! Then keep it for about 5 years, and with about 300 hrs on the clock, you'll still get a good resale.

    As for the EFI vs. LQ.... I personally like my 27 LQ but have heard great things about the 26EFI's. Still like the quietness of the LQ over any Kohler.

    OH, and WHATEVER you buy, go for the suspension seat!!! Like I said above, its not YOUR money, but it is YOUR back!!! You will not believe how they could possibly sell a mower without one, once you have it!

    Few other questions....

    How many acres of turf do you maintain?

    How many mowers? Big and small.

    How many employees maintaining this turf?

    Take Care :blush:
  8. bruces

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    If it is non profit company, they don't pay taxes anyway, so a loss is worthless.
  9. MOW ED

    MOW ED LawnSite Fanatic
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    I don't have a liquid cooled Kawi but demoed one and it was quieter. I can't comment on any other part of that motor. I do own a 26EFI that was made in 2000. Its on a Walker and I had 1 problem that was a warranty fix. The screen on the fuel line to the electric fuel pump was too fine and caused restriction and subsequent burning out of the fuel pump. Fixed by dealer and I got a free loaner during the down time.
    If I had to buy again I would certainly put it at the top of my list but wouldn't eliminate until I tried the LC's.
    I did have a 25 carb job from Kohler that was junk. You couldn't give me a 25 for free. Its a night and day difference between the 2 and they are surprisingly similar in design. ???
  10. gunpowder

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    from Indiana
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    To answer TLS'S questions:
    Yes, Bruces is correct on the tax exemption. I work for a small not-for-profit 200 acre nature preserve. I am the only staff (Manager with many hats) and have a very tight budget (hold two jobs to eat.)

    How many acres of turf do you maintain? usually 2.5 miles of a 5 mile trail system and maybe 8+?? acres around buildings, campground areas, etc.. never actually measured it.

    Will be adding 85.5 additional donated acres this year. Of that, may be adding a larger secondary sod parking lot and maybe a few trails to maintain. Not sure what I will use to mow it yet. I try to mow every other week to save gas budget and I try to use the bushhog to save on hours on Exmark where feasable.

    How many mowers? Big and small.
    (1) LZ27LKA60 (2003 to be purchased yet) and (1) 5' bushhog on a MF65 for remainder of trail system. Also push mower & Stihl trimmer.
    Mower history:
    1987-1999 Ariens 42" lawn mower (don't miss it yet!)
    1999 Lazer 25hp52" PAID WITH A GRANT I WROTE!!!!
    2000 Lazer 25hp60" upgrade at no cost/sold 1999 mower
    2001 Lazer 27KWLQ60" upgrade at no cost/sold 2000 mower
    2002 Lazer 27KWLQ60" paid w/sale of 2001 mower
    2003 Lazer yet to buy/already sold 2002 mower

    My point is: LZ25/52" to 27KWLQ60" at no additional cost.

    My sale price is what it cost me for my next mower. I have never had a problem selling it yet but if I get stuck with it, It would last me quite some time with proper maintenance. Hours have averaged 47 to 69. Barely a demo and a good buy for a retail customer.

    How many employees maintaining this turf?

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