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    I have had two different 60" Lazers with KawI's and have noticed most dealers seem to be pushing EFI's now. I would be interested in the opinions on why one may choose an EFI over a liquid cooled. Is it just the price?
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    Hey gunpowder,

    The choice between the EFI and Liquid Cooled Kaw. is really just a matter of personal preference. Some people like the Kohler and others like the Kaw. Both engine options have their advantages. The 27-hp liquid cooled keeps the engine at a more constant operating temperature. This maximizes engine life and makes it a little more fuel efficient than an air cooled engine. The 26-hp EFI gives you the power when you need it (e.g. - in thick, lush grass), and it's also fuel efficient.

    Sometimes dealers push one engine option over the other because they are more comfortable servicing product X over product Y. Maybe they get better support from Kohler. They may have more 26-hp EFI's in stock than 27-hp Liquid Cooled Kaw.'s. If this is the case, they'll want to get rid of the 26 EFI, so they can free up some space in the warehouse.

    There's nothing wrong with an air-cooled engine. You just have to make sure you do regular maintenance to make it last. Liquid Cooled engines are a little more forgiving. Regardless of which engine you choose, it's hard to make a bad decision here.

    If you want to get other landscapers' opinions on these two engines, I would copy this post to the general commercial lawn care forum. I know these guys aren't shy about telling you what they think ;) . Let me know if you have any other questions.



    -- If you're going to keep the mower around for a long period of time, I would go with the liquid cooled Kaw. However, if you're going to trade after two or three years and plan on using the mower hard, I would go with the EFI. This is just my personal opinion.

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