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    I'm the one who brought up having over $100k in equipment at a job site. I guess what I was trying to say is that if you went out and bought all the equipment new or slightly used that I bring to a job site it would be over $100k.

    My F450 dump was $52000 that I bought new in 2008

    T200 Bobcat was $25000 bought used in 2005

    MT55 Bobcat was $18500 new in 2009

    Equipment trailer was $4500 bought new in 2003.

    Little stuff like saws and laser was like $4000 bought new at various times.

    Heck, I think I have over $500 just in shovels, rakes, hammers etc.

    Just my knowledge alone is worth quite a bit:laugh:

    The list goes on but if I bought all that stuff plus all the little stuff at one time you can see where the $100k comes from.
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    Yes, there is alotta money tied up in building patios. And that's why a majority of the guys that try hardscapes only make it less than 6 years.

    It's hard to make money when you're working for the banks.

    One of my Pet Peeves is when other contractors in the area price work for so much less......yet they're riding around in new trucks and tugging new skid steers up and down the road.
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    I just cant believe how long those contractors can stay in business. And when they go under, another contractor/finance king fills there spot almost instantly. Its a never ending cycle.

    I guess the average time span is about the same as their 5-year note on their king ranch
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    Is it really fair to assess another business simply because you saw some of there equipment rolling down the road?? Not saying I disagree. I do believe there are lots of people out there that are "finance kings" but I also know that just because he can do it cheaper then me does not mean he is necessarily a low baller.
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    I find that the younger ones spend the most on the big trucks and equipment, I see it here all the time and they don't stay in business long. It just goes to prove how easy it is for someone to get a loan and mortgage themselves to the hilt. When I started business in '87 I bought myself a 78 half ton pick up with 3 speed on the column, it cost me 600 dollars and I had to borrow the money to get it running. I paid it back and spent a year in that thing. Today you don't see any of the new guys buying old trucks and fixing them up, they want the king ranches and ltz's on day one with a power-tilt float and track loaders, its a shame really, cause they wanna be like us older guys who own the king ranches but they're missing the point. Why be in business if all you're going to do is pay for equipment. Oh and the work they are doing is shamefull.
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    I think what everyone is getting at is Do you really need a 52k f-450 to do the job, or will the used 15k truck to the same job at the same pace. We still have the first dump truck I bought, it is a 1995 3500 dump. Bought it for 1500 bucks and slapped a 2k bed on it. It is still in our fleet and goes out every day with well over 250k miles on it. Sure it needs repairs from time, but you take a 800 a month payment thats $9600 a year. Thats a heck of a lot of money.
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    There are a few Lawnsite members here running million dollar (+) businesses and their equipment is all purchased used.

    If you're making alotta payments on stuff.....all you're doing is working for the banks.
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    I partially agree with this thread, most of my bigger equipment was bought gently used so that somebody else took the big hit and I still ended up with clean late model trucks, skids, etc. And I am very patient when making a new purchase, I will search for months. I started looking for a used mini excavator in January and I had no luck finding one, people seem to run them into the ground. Every mini that I found in good condition was almost the cost of a new one and every mini I found in the $25,000 range had 2000-3000 hours on it and would most likely need undercarriage work. So in this case I think it made sense to buy a new machine. I wasn't sure about my decision until we got it out on a commercial retaining wall and wow did it save me a lot of time over my old mini. Another thing I typically by new is trailers, the used one seem to be about the same price as new. But I will probably never buy new dump trucks they are crazy expensive.
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    This kid spent 72k on a dodge 3500 from a dealership. I didn't even know that was possible. Then he works out of the thing. and it sounds like he makes his workers follow him around to jobsites because he doesn't want them dirtying up his truck. Unbelieveable.
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    You know, sometimes I get buyers remorse... But after reading that thread, my god! That is nothing but a "hey look what I bought" wow could you imagine spending 70000 on a work pickup truck. What my father would do to me......

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