Elderly Customers ???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GardenDoorNW, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Good answer! Take a minute and try and remember what life is all about in the first place. It's not running 100 mph, giving 110%, and always acting like you are way behind in your work. It's about people, life, family, and our time to enjoy them. Work is a means to allow us to appreciate those things in our life.

    Have you ever been really sick, or in the hospital ... and your friends and family take time out of the busy lives and day's to come visit you? That, my friends, is what life is all about.

    The old saying ... "Take time to smell the roses" ... it's never been more true.

    Have a GREAT DAY!


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    Go in there and stick to your guns regarding price. I recently had two older customers die in the span of a week. That sucks because nobody has paid me and its been a few months. Not large amounts of money but you'd think the family who knew I was owed money would take care of that.
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    elderly or not I check online to see if the have a pile of claims against em.
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    Is it un-professional to ask for payment right after a job when u 1st are starting out in this biz? I'm going to really need the cash anyway, so I hope not to make a bad impression. I'd like to get 20 or more customers out of these several thousand flyers I'm doing, but if I only get 10, then I'm sure I'll need every dime I can get asap. When I was removing snow from drives, people didn't mind paying right after at all. Some would pay me in the middle of working. I bought a little recipt/sales book to use. I know it's "old school" but surely this is ok for starting out. I figure then at least we both will have a recipt of the transaction. Seems most of u guys send invoices. But then how long do u have to wait 'til u get the check? Seems that u may be waiting for weeks in some cases b4 u get paid.
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    I have to agree that my senior clients pay on time. Many walk out with a check just before I leave each visit. (nice for cash flow). The only catch is, when they get too old, you will notice they get a bit crabbier and more demanding. For the most part, they are very worthy customers.
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    they dont seem to watn to pay much, but some are relatively poor and dont have family around, it makes me feel good to help them out

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