Eleagnus: Verticillum Wilt

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by sabredave, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I am located in charlotte nc and i planted a hedge row of eleagnus the spring of 2011 and now i have about 11 of them completely dead, 10 starting to die and about 25 that look great. I thought this plant was indestructible until i started hearing about this verticillium wilt. Plants are randomly turning yellow as they might be nutrient deficient as well as dropping there leaves and the plant becomes scarce. Was wondering if this could be the cause or is there some other disease that eleagnus can get and has anyone had this problem?. Also i have established eleagnus which has been in the ground for 6-7 years and it is doing fine. A little help or suggestions would be great
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    If you want to know for sure, send a sample (and know what is considered a sample) to the plant pathology dept. at NC State. It will cost less than $10. That is the only way to know exactly. Verticillum wilt is rare and complicated, don't guess at this.

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